4.6.x | Giełda Trans
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Project 4.6.x

  • Project:
  • About: Giełda - więcej niż giełda ładunków i pojazdów
  • When: 2013
  • Project information: During the implementation activities on project a website was prepared at address Work started in year 2013. It consited, among others, work on project concerning Giełda - Więcej Niż Giełda ładunków I Pojazdów available in PL language. The project did not require RESTful API implementation to integrate with other apps. CMS was used to manage the internal data on project. Technologies used are PHP, JS. Duties in project include Prowadzenie zespołu programistów C++, Product Ownership, specyfikacja i definicja wymagań, analiza konkurencji, testy wydajnościowe, przygotowanie releasów instalki. Project concerned . Website completed in year 2013 and its realization was recognized as successful by the client management
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