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Virtual address for the company's office

In order for the company to earn better, each business owner tries to cut costs. One of the biggest costs is the premises for the company's headquarters, where correspondence from customers would flow. This is where the Virtual office service comes in handy, i.e. a place where you can register your company physically and ensure the receipt of incoming correspondence.

You are going to start a company (or already you run one) and you do not want to pay high amounts for renting an office, this is virtual office Wrocław is a favorable solution for you. Thanks to this, starting a business does not have to be accompanied by investing money in renting premises. Renting a virtual office is a great option for new and existing enterprises that do not need a physical office or the actual seat of the company on a daily basis.

Address for rent for company registration inWrocław

Virtual office Wrocław - Niemczańska in its offer, apart from renting office space, also has the service office address for rent in Wrocław, starting with renting an address for your brand / product / service. The location of the company's headquarters is a key factor influencing the company's image and its reception among customers. The location in the good district of Krzyki creates professionalism and inspires the trust of customers. Easy and quick access by bus, tram or car to the Gaj estate is a great help for entrepreneurs, company owners and customers.


A virtual office is a service at ul. Niemczańska 33-39, Wrocław, where you will get the address for company registration. Company registration applies to:

  • registration of the address in KRS general partnership;
  • registration of the address in KRS limited partnership company;
  • registration of the address of the joint-stock company;
  • registration of the address of a business company.

The Wrocław company registration address is an ideal solution for such entrepreneurs' needs.

When registering a company, a legal title to the real estate (company seat) is required, under which the activity is to be conducted. We have legal titles to the entire building, so we offer several addresses to choose from. Decide for yourself which address is the best, it will bring you luck, you just like this number.

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    This is what I needed, a simple service to register my company in a physical address and ensure the receipt of incoming correspondence. Thank you!

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